Ham Soulder

Iberian shoulder

Acorn iberian blade D.O. Jamones de Huelva

Price 199 per piece
(VAT included)
4,5 to 5,0 Kg

Iberian shoulder

Acorn Iberian shoulder

Price 185 € per piece
(VAT included)
4,5 to 5,0 Kg

Boneless Acorn Iberian shoulder

Boneless Acorn Iberian shoulder

Price 217 € per piece
(VAT included)
2,5 to 2,8 Kg

Iberian shoulders


Iberico pork produced in Andalusia and Extremadura's farmlands. This pork is processed in the sausage and salting ham factory "Tartessos", registered in the D.O. "Jamón de Huelva" and placed at Cumbres Mayores, in the Natural Park of the Aracena Mountain Range and the Aroche Peaks.
The Boneless acorn shoulder are produced in Salamanca and Extremadura's farmlands, by BEHER group, one of the most important manufacturers of Iberian Hams. They are processed in the factory owned by BEHER, and registered in the D.O. "Guijuelo", placed in Salamanca.


Iberic shoulder and salt.


Always handmade and respecting traditional recipes, the pre-salting, salting, washing and post-salting of the pieces is carried out allowing the necessary time for each one of the steps of the process. The experienced "maestro jamonero" will also determine the resting time the shoulder needs to remain in the drying areas, under controlled temperature and humidity levels. This process will take place in open spaces, under the drying air of the mountains in the Natural Park of the Aracena Mountain Range and the Aroche Peaks. The last stage of the process takes place within the quietness and silence of the cellars, allowing plenty of time for the pieces to reach the ideal preserving point and the extraordinary taste and aroma that makes them unique.


One year after leaving our cellars.


At room temperature. In a place where it is not enduring temperature changes or humidity.


Packaging to the emptiness.

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