Iberian products

The iberian ham

The acorn iberian ham is one the most apreciated food products in the world.

Its hight quality depend of:
The pure iberian pig, with the ideal characters for producing the best ham. It's a breed of pig that only is bred in Spain and especially to make ham.

The acorn fed: the pigs eat natural products, directly from the fields and acorn woods. The pasture is a Mediterranean forest ecosystemthe, acorns and the wild growing herbs are part of the pigs diet.

Montanera is the acorn feeding season, from autumn to late winter. In this period the Iberian pigs are fattened with acorns.
Thanks to the acorn and the exercise carried out by the pig during the search for food, the animal will get its final fattening, reach the desired level of intramuscular injection and also provide the much appreciated aroma and taste of Iberian sausages.

This pork is processed in the sausage and salting ham factory. Always handmade and respecting traditional recipes, the pre-salting, salting, washing and post-salting of the pieces is carried out allowing the necessary time for each one of the steps of the process. The experienced "maestro jamonero" will also determine the resting time the ham needs to remain in the drying areas, under controlled temperature and humidity levels. This process will take place in open spaces, under the drying air of the mountains in the Natural Park of the Aracena Mountain Range and the Aroche Peaks. The last stage of the process takes place within the quietness and silence of the cellars, allowing plenty of time for the pieces to reach the ideal preserving point and the extraordinary taste and aroma that makes them unique.

Iberian Ham's Protected Designation of Origin Protected Designation of Origin (PDO):

Guarantees that both, aging and production, have been carried out under the strictest quality standards.
In Spain there are 4 areas that produce Iberian Ham with Designation of Origin

Protected Designation of Origin Jabugo(Ham from Huelva). The Jabugo ham. In this area is located in the mountains of Huelva where the climate and altitud is adecuate for the breeding of the iberian pigs.
. Protected Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura (Medows of Extremadura). Extremadura is the largest producer of ham. The "Dehesa" is the fields of oak trees where the iberian pigs live and eat the acorns.
. Protected Designation of Origin Guijuelo. Located in the province of Salamanca. This town concentrate a large number of companies of the Iberian industry. The curing ham process is perform in the southwest of Salamanca where the altitude of the area contributes to the drying process.
. Protected Designation of Origin Los Pedroches, located in the province of Cordoba and meets the municipalities of Adamuz, Hornachuelos, Guest Obejo, Montoro, Villaharta and Villaviciosa de Córdoba.

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