«Morcón de Bellota Ibérico». Sausage from a 100% Iberian pig, that has been fed acorn-based and grass in the fattening months in a free range.
«Pata Negra»
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Iberian sausage from 100% Iberico pork, produced in Andalusia and Extremadura’s farmlands.
Its manufacture is similar to that of chorizo, but it has differences. The meat with which it is made is usually lean of quality without accumulations of fat.
The selected meats are manually minced, marinated with a mild dressing and processed in the sausage and salting ham factories. Then, curing takes place in natural drying sheds in the Natural Park of the Aracena Mountain Range and the Aroche Peaks, where they find their ideal point of curing, their aroma and flavor.

Maturing: Approximately 4 months period.
Commercialization: Tartessos.
Distributed: Netitalia, S.L. (eljamoncito.com).