FAQ about Iberian sausagess

The answers to the most often asked questions about iberian ham

What are the small white dots that appear on the Ham ?

Crystals are formed which are actually amino acids. They are not a sign of damage to the ham ! On the contrary, their presence indicates an optimal maturation.

How can I keep my ham at home ?

Once the bacon-slicer started,. use large slices of bacon taken initially to cover eventually the area started. It is thus possible to keep the ham for a period without losing its flavor or or freshness.

Ham "Pata Negra" is it the best Iberian sausages that it is possible to obtain ?

No, the name "Pata Negra" simply refers to the nail color pork but all Iberian pigs do not have black nails and a pig with black nails do not imply that it is Iberian. Quality is the result of other characteristics such as feeding on acorns during the fattening period or breeding pigs conditions (outdoors for example). The breed of the animal is also crucial.

How long the ham should be stored so that it is the best posible ?

The optimal duration cellar is between 24 and 32 months for hams and between 18 and 24 months for shoulder. Once beyond this period, there is a risk of drying out the ham. Actually, the maturation period is judged based on the weight of the piece to keep. It has such excellent results obtained with ham 9 or 10 kg remained in the cellar for 5 years !

Is the pig eats acorns from birth ?

No, during its growth phase, pork needs other types of food in order to develop and build bone structure to support the significant increase in muscle mass. This increase is due to the fattening phase during which their diet consists mainly of acorns and wild vegetation as these pigs are kept outdoors.

How do you know, by a glance, the pig has been raised to the glans ?

Nowadays it is very difficult for consumers to know. The best way to find out is to rely on the quality label issued by the "Appellation".

Ham from the leg on which most often based pork is it better ?

No, pork sits on the leg he wants so there is therefore no significant difference.

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