Slicing Spanish ham

Slicing Spanish ham.

The taste and enjoyment of Iberian sausages requires a proper cut, to enhance its flavour.

  • The hand carving

    It's a ritual for maximum enjoyment of te premiun iberian ham.

  • Using Suitable Utensils for cutting:

    Make it easier and we all can learn how to do it.

    Support of ham, a long and sharp knife, and a small knife.

  • Safety is important :

    Hold the piece properly in a hamholder, to keep the ham firmly .

    When slicing, the hand not holding the knife should always be higher than the hand holding the knife.

    Cut slowly, without applying too much force.

  • The position of the ham:

    There are some disagreements about this issue, but we think that the ham must be sliced starting with the stifle or contramaza. The piece of ham must be placed with the foot pointing downwards. We understand that since the stifle has less fat, it tends to dry off quicker.

  • Cleansing:

    The exterior must be cleaned cutting off the hard skin, and some of the fat, to prevent it from rancid tastes. The slices of fat can be later used to cover the cut area of the ham, and keep it succulent. Only the skin around the cut area should be retired to prevent the ham from drying off prematurely. This will be done with a short knife.

  • Slicing:

    The cut must be as straight as possible, with very thin and small slices. You must only cut off the ham that is going to be consumed at that particular moment. Once the meat has been eaten, remember that the bone is very tasty in some dishes of the Spanish cuisine.

  • Turn over:

    Once the bone in the stifle area has been reached, the piece of ham must be turned over. Then, the thicker area is started. This part is called maza. It has more fat and its meat is tastier.

  • Ready to eat:

    The iberian ham must be presented into fine slices placed in a plate only in one layer to avoid it to glue with the contact, although it can be a bit superimposed.

    Ideal taste the ham temperature between 20 and 25 degrees.